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Axx Mission is to Provide High-Quality Free Training to Pastors in 168 Countries

Partner with Axx

Axx is looking for high-quality ministry partners to partner with Axx. 

There are three ways to partner with the Axx English language program.

168 Countries of the world qualify for free training. Click here to see if your country is one of them. 

Dr Brendan Roach Axx Bible College

Dr Brendan Roach - President and Founder of Axx

Individual Bible College Training

Axx provides high-quality free training to Pastors from 168 countries of the world. 

Currently, we provide Bible College training in English and French. The process is very simple. Pastors are guided through a step-by-step process to ensure they qualify for free training. 

Simply click here to begin the application.

Host A Bible College Group Training

Axx is looking for high-quality ministry partners to host a local training group. Our goal is to have hundred of groups running close to where they are needed. Our prayer is that they will located all over country and not just in the capital cities. If you have enough pastors to format a group they can be located anywhere. 

Requirements to Host an Axx Bible College Group

  1. You must be an experienced Pastor who can mentor others in ministry. 
  2. A gift to teach and train pastors.
  3. Have a desire to see the kingdom of God expanded globally.
  4. A computer, tablet or smartphone is required.
  5. A good Internet connection is required
  6. A very good understanding of English or French.
  7. Complete the Axx Certified Delivery Training Program

Simply click here to begin the application.

New Courses and Qualifications

Axx is looking for high-quality courses and qualifications to add to our platform for delivery to our Pastors.  

Please email Axx to discuss adding your Courses or Qualifications to our platform.

Email us at partnership@axx.global with any details. Please add New Courses in the subject line. 

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