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3,000,000 Pastors in the World Bible College Training

The Greatest Need in the Church Today is Bible College Training for pastors who live in the majority world or who are suffering under persecution. According to the Center for Study for Global Christianityonly 5% of the pastors in the church today are trained and 2.2 million pastoral leaders (and as many as 3.4 million by some estimates) presently minister with no training whatsoever.

In 2022 Axx will receive 10,000+ training requests for free training from pastors all around the world. We can only meet this growing demand with donations from believers like you. 

Your Support Will Train a Pastor - Be a Blessing Today!

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Provide Community Engagement and Learning Support

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Provide 1 Complete Year of Bible College Training e.g. Certification of Pastoral Ministry

Provide Bible College Training to a Pastor in Need. 

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Hi I'm Thabo Msindo I just want to share this testimony before my salvation i had depression iwas using drugs not listening to my parents dropped out of school until one Jesus came and said to me repent for I have given you something for my people

November 2, 2022
Avatar For Thabo
Apostolic Grace International Ministries
South Africa
What Axx has Done for Me

Not obtained yet

My Story or Personal Testimony

I have been disqualified by people saying because I was drunker idon’t qualify to be the one preaching but God kept me moving

My Ministry

I have apostolic ministry I even have Ministry called Apostolic Grace International Ministries

Glorious and Beautiful Experience this has been for me.

November 2, 2022
Avatar For Eton Ekanem
Eton Ekanem
The Mount Zion Lighthouse Full Gospel Church, Abuja Diocese, Nigeria
What Axx has Done for Me

In the Spirit-filled Leadership and Acts course, I am able to identify significant issues relating to Pentecostal and charismatic ministry and leadership in the 21st century

The Spirit-filled Leadership and Acts course also enabled me to compare the ways Acts has been read and applied by Pentecostals and other Christian movements which is, infact, common in my community.

The analysis of key hermeneutical issues related to applying the book of Acts to the contemporary situation was also beneficial to me for the Ministry work.

To critically investigate the interpretation of key themes and passages in Acts related to Pentecostal teaching and practice also, in a very indepth way, helped me with new hindsight in my Ministry.

My skill and knowledge was enhanced while I studied the Organizational Management course in respect to the following key elements of my Ministry:

A. Alignment of my church and other charitable organizations to a community need.

B. Organisations’ cultural practices in comparison to their target culture are compared and contrasted in order to evaluate and the means by which they manage those cultural differences

C. Determination of effective practices within the organisations that make their charitable work accepted by the local culture

Evaluation of the structures within the organisations and the adherence to relevant legislation which provides them with the authority to engage in charitable work.

The course on Homiletic equipped me with a solid theoretical and theological basis for the preaching the Word of truth which has positioned me to be an effective preacher in the follow areas:

A. The theological questions and evaluation of different proposals related to preaching with a contemporary perspective

B. Analysis of the features of different kinds of sermons

C. Constructionon of a coherent and well-structured sermon outline .

D. Delivery of sermons with confidence, clarity and effectiveness .

The course on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit introduced me to pneumatology by examining a number of major issues as expressed in biblical, theological and historic material.

Since the work of the Holy Spirit, teaching about the Holy Spirit and issues relating to the Holy Spirit’s work are central to any Christian ministry, I was able to understanding the key aspects of the person and work of the Holy Spirit as it very vital to the ministry work.

I was able to identify and describe the key features of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

I am now able to discuss the historical development of the Christian doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

Most importantly, I can now reflect on how my own life and ministry reflects my understanding of the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

The course on New Testament has provided me with an introduction to, and survey of, the New Testament literature in the light of its historical context and with some attention to historical and literary critical issues that arise from the study of the New Testament writings. Through this course, I am able to think about the meaning and application of the New Testament for today’s Christians and church.

In very specific term, the New Testament course enables me to demonstrate my familiarity with the New Testament books and their contents.

I can now be able to discuss critical and historical issues related to the New Testament.

I now have the understanding to describe the historical and geographical setting of the New Testament and the chronology of the main events referred to in the New Testament.

It is also important to note that I can now demonstrate basic understanding of key theological concepts in the New Testament.

Church Dynamics and Health

Church Dynamics and health provided me with a unique learning environment that presents a holistic strategy for dynamic church development and health from a Pentecostal perspective.

I can now analyse and critically evaluate strategies related to contemporary church dynamics and health from a biblical and theological perspective.

This course has also enable me to apply sound principles of church dynamics and health to the mission of the Church.

I am also able, with the knowledge obtained from this course, to identify cultural and sociological factors that impinge on the growth and health of the church.

I have also develop the still to evaluate the theology and biblical basis of various models of church growth and their relationship to contemporary ministry.

My Story or Personal Testimony

I was baptized by immersion in November 1990 after I had given my life to Jesus. I give glory to God Almighty for His grace upon my life, for continuous empowerment for a closer work with Him. I was called into Ministry in 1997 when I was ordained a Ruling Elder. I have served God in different capacities since then as the Presiding Elder in different Dioceses of our Church. In 2018 I was called into full time Ministry when I was ordained a Pastor in Charge of Administration. In 2021, I was saddled with additional responsibility to Pastor a local Assembly in Nyanya, Abuja, to revive it and bring it to life. I give God all the glory.

My Ministry

My Ministry has a glorious future. Jesus said He will build His Church. I rest on Him to move His work to another level. The Children Evangelism is ongoing in my Ministry. It is an outreach programme that we carry out in the neighborhood of Nyanya, an outskirt settlement in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. We collect children from the suburbs to teach them about the ways of the Lord and impact them in the process. We have started to undertake Hospital Outreach. Meeting the sick and their care givers with the love of God and healing balm of the Holy Spirit. We carry out routine Open Air Services in our local area. We carry out routine Power Encounter Services where signs and wonders are performed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The sick are healed, the oppressed are delivered from their oppressors and souls are harvested into the kingdom of God.

We are serving in the church awaiting resident minister and pray that holy spirit continue guiding us in Christian walk in serving the LORD.

November 2, 2022
Avatar For Charles Chigondo
Charles Chigondo
Reformed Church International Australia.
What Axx has Done for Me

Better understanding of the word of GOD and now easier to apply in day to day travel.

My Story or Personal Testimony

My journey of serving as an elder in The Reformed Church in Australia has been improved greatly by teaching received.

My Ministry

Reformed Church International


October 31, 2022
Avatar For Charlotte Meintjes
Charlotte Meintjes
Poems of Hope
South Africa
What Axx has Done for Me

This program has made me excited to learn more

My Story or Personal Testimony

The program made me think out of the box, having a deeper relationship with my maker. Learning the heart beat of the Father. Thank you to each educator for the time effort and personal knowledge shared.

My Ministry

Poems of Hope. Caring the message of hope throughout the globe giving hope through poems.

Interesting and very helpful

October 26, 2022
Avatar For Sivuyile Viwe Jonas
Sivuyile Viwe Jonas
Jesus Christ Alone Ministry
South Africa
What Axx has Done for Me

I have knowledge and understanding of the Bible,in the beginning I was just preaching out of my own experience and knowledge

My Story or Personal Testimony

I am an ordained Pastor but without qualifications,now this certification will help to proof the I did same basics in Theology.

My Ministry

Now I will be able to bible studies and trainings with the congregation out of the resources and knowledge I got for this institution


October 26, 2022
Avatar For Andendekisye Wasenga Mbwile
Andendekisye Wasenga Mbwile
Tanzania Assemblies of God
What Axx has Done for Me

My ministry has changed as I perform in sermon preparation and delivery. Now I can minister confidently and somehow free from herecyI can now be trusted by my leaders and teamas well.

My Story or Personal Testimony

I thank God very much for his Mercy to enable me to attain Advanced Certification of Pastoral Ministry!

Axx Global Ministry has also been an extra ordinary blessing to me and my family! .I first got Certification of Pasttoral Ministry,later I had offered Advanced Certification of Pastoral Ministry.Indeed I have learned alot related to my ministry and every stage I have experienced great positive changes.

I encourage other fellow who are doing and those are easy to study St Axx Global Ministry to do so with all deligence and attain maximum success!

God bless Axx workers!

My Ministry

pastor and Teacher

24 ‘May the Lord bless you and protect you. 25 May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. 26 May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.’