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The Greatest Need in the Church Today is Bible College Training for pastors who live in the majority world or who are suffering under persecution. According to the Center for Study for Global Christianityonly 5% of the pastors in the church today are trained and 2.2 million pastoral leaders (and as many as 3.4 million by some estimates) presently minister with no training whatsoever.

In 2022 Axx will receive 10,000+ training requests for free training from pastors all around the world. We can only meet this growing demand with donations from believers like you. 

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Provide Bible College Training to a Pastor in Need. 

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Jesus said to me: "Make Room for Me!"

December 12, 2023
Avatar For Ruslan Hamidov
Ruslan Hamidov
Church(es) of Christ
What Axx has Done for Me

This qualification has deepened my understanding of the Bible and Theology. I especially have clearly grasped and experienced the Person of the Holy Spirit which is amazing! This qualification has taught me to lean more on the Lord as I did the course, and also keep on growing in the faith and worship. I have been able to analyze all the various aspects of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament which this course has covered in such a scrutinizing detail! This qualification has enabled me to appreciate God’s Word more and to focus on more important things in life and worship as a whole.

My Story or Personal Testimony

It is a recent experience. I was in my busy office room working and putting in those hours to fulfil my work schedule. I did not want to be so much attuned to God and His Word and everything related to Him as I felt lonely and rejected, and I thought why try more since I had left the former religion of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and had felt any closer to God ever since then. ‘God does not need such ones as me’, – I thought. Well, I was wrong! Because that very day, just not so long ago, the Lord came to me! And He said: ‘How long are you going to live like that? Make room for me, and your life will change. You will find comfort for your soul, and you will not regret it ever. Just accept me in your life, will you?’ I haven’t felt that joy and confidence ever before. Suddenly, I felt God’s warmth on my body and head. I accepted the Lord, and I made room for Him in my life! God is great! His grace is forever! I’m happy that I can give this true testimony of me. This is my personal story and testimony.

My Ministry

I’m a Bible teacher, and I hold Bible classes. My ministry consists of teaching and explaining the Bible and Bible verses as well as conducting Bible classes or sessions with those interested in learning more about God and His Word. I hold Bible classes at home(s), and we gather together to encourage one another and explore Bible verses. I also enjoy some of the gifts that the book of Acts mentions, namely, prophecy, and I love using this gift to edify and upbuild the faith of others.

To God be the glory

December 11, 2023
Avatar For Ntebaleng
The Redeemed Chistian Church
What Axx has Done for Me

It has opened my eyes and gave me understanding of call of God in my life. I have a better understanding of interpretation of Bible and how I should take care for my physical, spiritual life and growth.

My Story or Personal Testimony

I thank God for opportunity to study with Axx the certification of Pastoral Ministry. I thought Ministry it’s all about praying and reading the Bible. Now I understand it’s about calling and I’m clear now I’m called to serve in the community and I’m enjoying to serve God where I’m based.

My Ministry

Occupy till I come

Praying and believe God to know more about God and to be certified it was not coming forth, but divine help came from above. Thank you Lord for Axx.

December 11, 2023
Avatar For Ayibatari D. K
Ayibatari D. K
True Holiness Church
What Axx has Done for Me

it has given me the prerequisit knowledge and equipped me for the task ahead.

My Story or Personal Testimony

I was dead in sin but Yawah found

me and puck me up in 01/07/2005,and called me into the pastorial ministry in 12/07/2012,and brought Axx in 2023 to train and certified me.He has been the one helping me all the way. Thank you LORD.

My Ministry

Am called to enlighten men. But now am the pastor incharge of the prayer arm in our ministry, also the musical director.Still praying seeking Gods face for direction to lunch out into the deep.

From nothing to Something!

December 10, 2023
Avatar For Moses Katjiri
Moses Katjiri
Elroi M & D International Ministries Namibia
What Axx has Done for Me

This qualification awaken me giving me a direction of how to share the knowledge I’ve gained with the members of the Church and the community itself based on everything l have learned so far from our Axx Bible College..God bless you all.

My Story or Personal Testimony

My Axx family my name is Moses Katjiri From Namibia l was a drug and alcohol addict, I used to sell as well. I started my journey in Christ when I was 19 years and have never looked back ever since that day. Through the conviction from the Holy Spirit,l started our own ministry.this pushed me to continue searching for more opportunities to further my studies about the gospel which l am currently busy with. Thank you so much my Axx Bible College family.

My Ministry

In our Ministries we want to win more souls for our Lord Jesus and now that I got Teaching we believe that we will make,other things we have in the community is a programs to feed the needy,and aducation to help the students counseling there is a lot of things we dream of to do, with the help of God. Thank you so much.

My Story

December 10, 2023
Avatar For Behrouz Sanaei Far
Behrouz Sanaei far
father's safe house
What Axx has Done for Me

Better equipment for group work and individual work.

My Story or Personal Testimony

Hello .My name is Behrouz Sanaei far . Servant of God I trust the Bible.

I believe in respecting all people and loving friends and enemies. I live in Iran and I am 38 years old. I am interested and very eager to learn and serve God.

I am very happy to be a member of this big family. May God bless all of you and all the students and all the professors.

Brief History

About 21 years ago, by hearing a worship song on the radio and listening to it (the voice of the gospel), I knew Christ and Jesus also knew me.

From the very beginning, a strong desire to learn Christian theology made me spend all my time studying and learning theology.

Because I observed that most of the quarrels and problems of the Persian-speaking church are due to the lack of correct understanding of the theology of the Bible.

Now, I am very happy to be here and to learn theology from the best professors in the world.

I am single and Until now, I serve God with all my soul, all my time and all my thoughts. I believe that God says in His Word in First Corinthians chapter 7 verses 6, 7 and 8 : I say this as a concession, not as a command. But I wish everyone were single, just as I am. Yet each person has a special gift from God, of one kind or another. So I say to those who aren’t married and to widows—it’s better to stay unmarried, just as I am.

I have been looking for a ministry or a licensed clergyman for a long time. I wanted to tell him that God wants me to serve.

My Ministry

Currently, I do not have an independent organization, but I am learning to establish a systematic organization in the future.

Deliverance from More than 1000 evil spirits and many diseases

December 9, 2023
Avatar For Apostle Tanvir Kaur
Apostle Tanvir Kaur
The Church of Prince of Peace Healing and Deliverance Ministry
What Axx has Done for Me

Due to persecution from Sikh community I was asked for bible study certificates. I was looking around where I could get free courses because I can’t afford a college. After days of searches I found AXX. It was God’s grace that I was able to do this course. This course has changed my thinking and upgraded my knowledge as well as skills. Thank God for this. Thank you AXX.

My Story or Personal Testimony

Testimony of Miss Tanvir Kaur from India

Contact details: tanvirkaur.tk1995@gmail.com

Praise The Lord, Myself Tanvir, 28 year old from India. Today I am going to tell you that how Jesus Christ our Living God is working in my life and how he is using my soul and body for the completion of his work. I was born in India. My parents were not so rich at that time but we was happy. As I grow old I started seeing dead people. At that time, I was just 8 year old (that is when I gain conscious, I didn’t remember before 8). First, I was not able to figure out what was happening because I was just a kid. More than 100 dead people (including kids, adults and old) was all around me, they was playing with me like friends and talking to me. I feel that someone is with me every second of my life day and night. While walking, sleeping, bathing or eating, I felt someone is staring at me. My parents thought I am speaking alone while playing as most of the kids do. One day they show me their true self. It was scary. Their faces was burned, some looked so horrible that I don’t want to write about that because I don’t want to scare anyone and also I

don’t want to remember them. I told my parents about that thing but they thought I was kidding and want to scare my siblings because I always do different kinds of pranks with my family members as well as in school. So it was very hard for me to make them believe me. I failed they didn’t believed me. Somehow years passed painfully. Now I stepped in my teenage, that day was my birthday I was about to be 13 year old. I was happy because that was the first time when I was going to leave for school on my own on a bicycle. In school everything was fine. I invited my friends to my birthday party. In the evening when I was just about to cut the cake I heard a voice and saw a man. He was saying go to sleep. It was weird for me that why a dead man is asking me to sleep in the evening in the middle of the party. I ignored him. At that night when I went to bed, I felt someone is touching my body. There were many hands all over me. I was unable to see anyone. There was literally no one else in the room with me. That night was a horrible experience. Many dead men were touching me, they never did that before but from that day till the age of 23 they were doing the same thing with me every night. My mother didn’t believe that. She thought I am just making a story so I could quit the school. One day I was shouting, I was scared, my mother came and she took me in her arms. When my mother fall asleep dead men came again. I was not able to shout at that time or move. When my mother woke up she saw me. I was lying down at floor and thought I fall from bed in sleep but then she saw that there were marks all over my body. She saw huge bite marks on my back. That day she believed that I was telling truth. That marks disappear between 10 to 15 minutes every day. She talked with my father about that. My father said she should take me to a doctor. My mom took me to the doctor. He did brain scan and run many tests but my reports were all clear. There was nothing wrong in my brain or any other part of the body. When I turn 15, It was mid August, I was in school and attending the lecture of History, I saw someone standing with my teacher. It was a dead woman she saw me and runs towards me and she touched my heart forcefully and my heart suddenly stopped beating. I experienced the pain of death. My heart didn’t beat for at least 15 minutes and I fell down, teachers called to my mom and to doctor. They picked me up and took me to the hospital. When I was in hospital doctor gave a clear report, he said my heart was never stopped. I was unconscious. They were trying to figure out what is wrong with my body but they find nothing. After 2 hours I woke up. Three Doctors were examining me, they asked what happened at the school, and I told them everything. Doctors said nothing is wrong in my body but my brain is sick. They admit me and were examining me. They examined me for 5 days and then they said I am suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and they gave me medicine for that also. I had that medicine for 3 years but there was no change, I was still being attacked. My mom questioned doctors and they said I am the only one who is hurting myself and there is no evil spirit, they don’t exist. Then my mom again questioned them, if everything is done by my daughter then how she manages to bite my own back and below shoulders but doctors have no answer for that. Then my mom took me to another hospital, this time doctors promised my mom that I will be alright. They examined me and said that I was not suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and doctors from previous hospital gave me wrong medicine from past 3 years. They said I was suffering from Schizophrenia. They admitted to the hospital. They gave me electric shock for 15 days, 3 times a day. When I was about to discharge they gave me a heavy electric shock. It was so huge that I didn’t wake up for 2 days. They gave medicine for depression and some sleeping pills and told my mom that this medicine course is of 11 years and I can’t quit medicine before that. My medicine started and I came home. I had that medicines approximately 8 months and then I went in coma. I was brain dead. My mom dad used to clear my stool and change my clothes. I was 18 year old at that time. It was all same. Then my mom and dad decided to take me to the temple of God. They thought God is the only one who can save their daughter now. They took me to many Sikh temples according to our religion at that time. Year passed I was still unwell then my mom took me to Hindu temples as well as to Muslim Mosque too. 7 year passed like this only but I was still seeing dead people and they were still attacking me. Now the attacks increased even more. They were not only touching my body but also trying to kill me. At that time, I wanted to quit life. I attempted suicide many times but my mom saved me every time. I was unable to study but my mom didn’t lose hope. She helped me studying and I hold a Bachelor degree in Business because of her only. I lose all the hope for living a healthy and happy life. Then my dad decided that it’s time to take me to Church. My dad was in Christ from many years but me and my family were not believers. We refused to go the church every time. In 2020, after my 25th birthday, I felt very much sick then before. Evil spirits was attacking me more and more. It was a hell for me. When they attacks my stomach seems to be bigger than usual. I felt someone is inside my stomach. From that day I felt baby moving inside me. My stomach suddenly grows bigger like 9 months of pregnancy, I was feeling the delivery pain continuously every second of the day and night. I just shout and shout and cry a lot. I was not expecting this type of attack ever. I was in hell. 15 days passed. Then finally on October 15, 2020 my mom finally took me to the church. The church we go is in Punjab, India. It is known as The Church Of Signs And Wonders, Khambra. The day I stepped in church I started crying the very moment. I cried for 6 hours during worship. When worship was over we went back home. We were not so happy because no one prays for me not even a single pastor from them. We came back home sadly. That night my mom and dad asked me to do worship again. I was not so interested, I don’t know why. But I sit in the worship with my mom and sisters. The worship was just began, I closed my eyes and after 5 to 10 minutes I felt that I was flying upwards directly to the sky. Then I saw I was in stars. I was in the middle of the galaxy. I was able to see every star and planet. Then I saw a man coming from white light. It was so beautiful. When that man came near to me it suddenly became a white diamond man. The face was unable to see. I just saw two huge hands, they were so huge that I was feeling smaller than an ant in the. Those hands took me above and I saw 4 angels like creatures praying on me and then I saw a man sitting on golden throne, his face was so bright filled with light that I was unable to look, he got up placed his hand on my head and said “You are blessed my daughter, Now go and heal everyone”. In the end he gave me a shiny water to drink in golden glass. At that time I felt I am falling from sky and I opened my eyes and told everyone what I saw. My dad was so sure that it was Jesus Christ who picked me up with his hands. I believed that. I was so amazed. There was no doubt. At that night I slept like a baby once in my lifetime. I felt so good next day and I said I want to baptize and I am giving my life our father Jesus. Everyone was so happy because that night no attacks happened. From that very day I am completely alright. Then I start believing in Christ more and more and more. I do night prayers after 3rd day from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Three months ago when I was in worship, I saw 4 angels again. This time it was different, they talked with me and we had very long conversation. They said father is going to bless you soon, you will find out soon what it will be. At that time I didn’t understand. When they was about to leave, they prayed for me and suddenly I started speaking in some other strange language which

even I was not able to understand. My family asked that what I was saying but I was not able to elaborate. Then it became regular, every time I sit in worship I spoke in different languages. As time passed, I figured out that I spoke in 4 languages which I never knew before not learn. With time, I understood the meaning of 2 languages, I mean I could elaborate what I said. One day I saw a dream that I was healing specially challenged children and people with evil spirits and I saw that a lady comes to me and said I am suffering from a disease please free me, as soon as I touched her she fell down and said I am feeling alright now, Praise the Lord. Then I woke up and was very confused. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and after shower I sat down in my pray room and in my morning prayer I prayed about this and said Dear father, Jesus Christ, I saw a dream if this is what you want me to do then please give me this blessing so I could be able to heal people. After 5 or 6 days I saw a girl who was in pain and in under attack of evil spirit, I was not afraid at that I ran towards her, touched her forehead and prayed. First, I was praying in my mother tongue, Punjabi, suddenly I was filled with Holy Spirit and started speaking in other language. Then that girl fell on the ground. After 5 or 10 minutes she woke up and said, “I felt something left my body and now I am feeling relaxed”. I asked her to thanks Jesus for this healing and miracle. From that day, I am using this ability with the help of Jesus to heal people. I am also trying to increase this ability. I pray, worship and fasting. I have completed regular 40 fast. Now this time I had calling to increase my anointing, and I am on 365 day fasting. Now I decided to grow in our Lord and want to know him completely, so I am trying to get admission in Bible College. I want to study more and I want to serve people with this blessing. I am glad that Jesus choose me for this and I thank him many times. I want to save as much people as I can, In Jesus name, Amen! I hope Jesus bless all people on this earth. May! They find protection under his wings and serve him with all their heart and soul and worship him and be saved because he is the only living God on this Earth. When the day of next coming of Jesus comes, May! The son of Most High God, our Lord, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, except us as his people and forgive our sins and fill us with his holy spirit, Amen!

My Ministry

Right now I am doing my ministry from home and by going door to door to preach. In future I will open a church with God’s grace. He will provide.

24 ‘May the Lord bless you and protect you. 25 May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. 26 May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.’