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Axx's Mission is to Offer High-Quality Free Bible College Training to Pastors from 168 Countries Worldwide.

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Axx is looking for high-quality ministry partners to deliver the Axx Certified Programs to local pastors who do not have access to the training programs. 

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Dr Brendan Roach Axx Bible College

Dr Brendan Roach - President and Founder of Axx

How do we Train more Pastors for Ministry?

This is the mission and the ministry of Axx, and the question that has been hovering over the call of God for my whole life. For as long as I can remember;

  • As a Local Church Pastor, I sort to inspire people to get into the word of God and find answers.
  • As a Bible College Professor, I challenged my students to dig deeper into the word of God and follow the call of God on their life.
  • As a Bible College President, I looked for a way to get training to pastors and leaders around the world who desperately needed it and could not afford it.
  • Now, as the Founder of Axx, I am still looking for ways to train more people for ministry.

My lifelong ministry call is to teach the word and train Pastors for ministry

I am convinced that we live in a unique time of history. A time when world-class biblical teaching has never been better, yet at the same time, access to that training has never been more restricted. 

Pastors and leaders either cannot access or afford training, or they live in a location where they are persecuted for their faith. Rising costs, debt, persecution and availability of non-English training resources has never been more debilitating.

We live in a world that provides access to training resources online like never before. The advent of Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms has led to an explosion of materials online. However, there is so much rubbish online it is hard to find godly seams of gold rather than in the piles of confusing dung.

The need is obvious

  • Only 5% of the world’s pastors are adequately trained.
  • Most of the Christians in the world live in poverty or under persecution and cannot access high-quality training resources.

The solution is clear

Make these amazing resources available to the Church worldwide. 

  • The Church is rich with high-quality training resources.
  • The Church has great and gifted teachers who love the word of God.
  • The technical capacity now exists to distribute this teaching globally.

So, here I am today trying to answer the same question, how do we train more people for ministry?

How do we fulfil the words of the great commission, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.” How do we embrace the words of Jesus to Peter, “Feed My Lambs,” “Feed My Sheep” and “Tend my Sheep.”

How do we train more people for ministry?

  • We find great teachers who love the church and the word of God, record them and distribute their teaching to the world.
  • We partner with kingdom-minded churches, ministries and individual people who have the heart to see the Kingdom of God grow worldwide.
  • We work hard and pray harder to see the seed of the word become fruitful and multiply. 

This is Mission and Ministry of Axx

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Dr Brendan Roach

Founder and CEO of Axx

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