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Axx's Mission is to Offer High-Quality Free Bible College Training to Pastors from 168 Countries Worldwide.

Axx Certified Delivery Partnership

Axx is seeking high-quality Certified Delivery Partners to deliver its training in various countries and locations. Axx is now looking to multiply and expand our group training.

Axx is partnering with leaders and Churches from around the world to deliver its certified qualifications to train pastors suffering under persecution and living in poverty.

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What is an Axx Certified Delivery Partnership?

An Axx Certified Delivery Partnership is a church, denomination, movement, ministry or individual who has been approved by Axx to deliver their certified training qualifications.

Axx Certified Delivery Partnership delivers the Axx programs locally in their city or country. The Axx group model uses a combination of online lectures with onsite teachers and mentors.

Advantages of an Axx Certified Delivery Partnership

The advantages of our Certified Delivery Partnership model are:

  • Can adapt the training to suit their culture, language and training needs.
  • The program delivery is highly flexible.
    • It can be started at any time in the year.
    • It can be run as intensives, evenings or a traditional weekly schedule.
  • Is very cost-effective. Once the centre is set up, the ongoing running cost is very low.
  • Axx will never charge any fees. There are no administration, certification, accreditation or any other fees that need to be paid.
  • Every qualification is certified by Axx and its Certification partners.
  • Get access to high-quality training without having to ‘fly in’ international lecturers for a week.

How to Become an Axx Certified Delivery Partner

Axx has developed this program to be run at no charge in 168 countries. If your country is not included in the list below please contact us at partnership@axx.global to discuss your options.

Step 1 – Check that You Qualify

Select Your Country​

  1. First, click on your region of the world.
  2. Then select your country.


English and French Qualifications

  • Certification of Pastoral Ministry 

English Qualifications

  • Certification of Bible and Theology
  • Certification of Church Planting
  • Certification of Local Church Ministry 
  • Certification of Ministry Leadership


  • You must be called by God into the training ministry.
  • You must be an experienced pastor who can mentor others in ministry. 
  • Have a desire to see the kingdom of God expanded globally.
  • A gift to teach and train pastors.
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone is required.
  • Internet connection is required.
  • A very good understanding of English or French.


Axx delivers its training by donations. 

Please support  Axx’s mission is to offer high-quality free Bible College training to pastors from 168 countries worldwide

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