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Axx's Mission is to Offer High-Quality Free Bible College Training to Pastors from 168 Countries Worldwide.

Step 3 – Select Teachers to be Group Facilitators.

  1. Trainers must be:
  • A person who is called by God to ministry
  • A pastor who has the ability to teach, mentor and lead students
  • A person with a very good understanding of English/French
  • A person who has competent ability with computers and technology

Step 4 – Group Facilitators must Complete One of the Axx Certified Qualifications

This is essential, even if the facilitator has completed previous Bible College or ministry training.

It ensures that

  • The training is suitable for the group who are to be trained.
  • The facilitator can answer all questions associated with the video lectures.
  • The facilitator is competent in using the Axx learning platform.
  • The facilitator and Certified Delivery Partner have the basic technology and internet requirements to run the program.

Step 5 - Apply to Become a Certified Delivery Partner

Applications will not be considered or processed until an Axx Certified Qualification has been completed. 
Download, read, sign and return all require Axx Documentation.

Axx Certified Delivery Partner Agreement

Axx Certified Delivery Partner Code of Conduct

Step 6 - Complete Certified Delivery Partner Facilitators' Training

Once an application has been approved, Axx will send the nominated facilitator an invitation to commence training.

Once completed you will be required to complete the Axx Certified Delivery Partner Plan.

Step 7 - Approved as an Axx Certified Delivery Partner

You will be listed as one of our approved Axx Certified Delivery Partners.

Step 8 - Start Your Axx Training Centre

Tell your Community that you are an Approved Axx Delivery Centre and start your training Pastors for ministry.